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Meet ‘Dubai Bling’ star Zeina Khoury: A businesswoman and fashionista

Dubai Bling is the Arab version of Netflix’s hit reality show Bling Empire. It follows the lavish lifestyle of 10 extremely rich individuals who reside in the mega city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Among the cast members is Zeina Khoury, a self-made businesswoman who is also one of the most prominent faces in Dubai Bling.

Netflix released the first season of Dubai Bling on 27 October 2022. Although the show received negative reviews from critics, those who have loved Bling Empire (2021– ) are nevertheless excited about this Middle-Eastern version.

Bling Empire has been a phenomenal hit with viewers. The show, which is seen as a real-life version of the acclaimed film Crazy Rich Asians (2018), is about how some mega-rich Asian Americans lead their lives and interact with each other.

Dubai Bling follows the same theme, but with socialites, influencers, businesspersons and models who call the capital city of the Emirate of Dubai their home. The show has everything — from ostentatious displays of wealth to complex relationship drama.

All about the Dubai Bling cast member, Zeina Khoury

Khoury is the CEO and chief growth officer of luxury property company, High Mark Real Estate. She is one of the most prominent businesspersons on the show.

“Zeina Khoury may play hard, but she works harder. Zeina left Lebanon, driven by ambitions for greatness, and went on to become the CEO of a thriving luxury real estate empire. Bold and beautiful, Zeina is the link connecting the social circle together – can they all stay on her good side?” Netflix talked about her in the cast reveal for the show in September 2022.

While Khoury has made a name for herself in the real-estate business, she also works as a radio and TV personality. She is the host of the real-estate Instagram Live show called Property Talks with Zeina.

Net worth of Zeina Khoury

Like Bling Empire’s Anna Shay, the cast members of Dubai Bling, too, have net worths running into millions.

Khoury’s exact net worth is difficult to ascertain. However, according to Women’s Health Mag, her successful social media influencer career combined with her powerful standing in the business world could put her estimated net worth between USD 310,000 and USD 2.5 million.

“I love fashion, I love nice things,” she said in her interview with Fact Magazine. Her Instagram account does validate her statement and the fact that she is indeed an ultra-rich personality.

There are pictures of her wearing designer dresses, going on jet-setting holidays with the family, and the taste for the best of what money can offer.

Besides Khoury, other prominent rich cast members of Dubai Bling include model and businessman Ebraheem Al Samadi.

According to Arabian Business, Al Samadi’s net worth is USD 50 million, making him the richest cast member. He is followed by Loujain Adada — the richest woman on the show with a net worth of around USD 3.8 million.

Khoury is Lebanese by ethnicity

Like most of the other stars on Dubai Bling, Khoury isn’t an ethnic Emirati. She was born and raised in Lebanon. She moved her base to Dubai in 2006, following political unrest in her home country.

In an interview with Fact Magazine, Khoury said that Dubai is her “second home.”

“I found love in Dubai, and established a wonderful family and I have a great business,” she said, adding, “The city has secured my future and my children’s future, and has given me an opportunity away from home to feel safe, secure, find love, and establish myself as a business woman.”

She has two kids

Khoury has two children — a son, Joe, and a daughter, Alexa — with her husband Hanna Azzi. According to RealityTitBit, Azzi is a general manager of Nikki Beach Hotels & Resorts EMEA. He appears on the show as a guest and is very supportive of Khoury.

The kids are often seen alongside their mother on Khoury’s Instagram account, which has around 200K followers.

“Here they are my joe and Alexa. I do what I do for them … to all the working women out there , I feel you and hear you. They will be proud of us,” she captioned a picture of her children on Instagram.

A highly educated businesswoman

As per her LinkedIn profile and her own statement to Fact Magazine, Khoury graduated with a degree in finance from Notre Dame University – Louaize (NDU) in Lebanon before coming to Dubai.

She pursued higher education and completed courses at Columbia Business School, the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Online school, and the London Business School — the last of which she graduated from in 2022.

She started her real estate career as a property consultant for Emirates Sunland, which was involved in the development of the D1 Tower and the five-star hotel Palazzo Versace Dubai.

Since 2012, she has been serving as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of High Mark Real Estate. According to her LinkedIn profile, she manages a “portfolio of high end properties for Palazzo Versace Dubai, D1 Tower and other luxury properties in Dubai.”

She is also the co-founder of BookAnyService.com. According to South China Morning Post (SCMP), the company, which was launched in 2014, describes itself as the “souk for your services” and is essentially an AI-powered marketplace for instant services, from dentists to nail artists.

However, the social media pages of the platform have been inactive for years. Its website, too, is not functional, making its operational status unclear.

‘Queen of Versace’

The media have dubbed Khoury as the ‘Queen of Versace.’ The title is primarily because of her long association with Palazzo Versace Dubai. However, there is also her personal fashion angle.

According to SCMP, she is a keen promoter of the Italian luxury fashion brand and her Instagram feed has pictures showing her wearing the latest pieces from the Versace collection.

But alongside Versace, Khoury also sports Fendi outfits, Adidas x Gucci bags and traditional dresses.

Her perfect sartorial choices easily complement her status as a power celebrity with very sharp business acumen.

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