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8th Qatar East to West Ultramarathon Registration Opens

Qatar Sports For All Federation (QSFA) announced today, September 3, the opening of registration for the 8th Qatar East to West Ultramarathon, in partnership with the Qatar runners team.

The 90km race spans Qatar from the Sheraton Park on the Eastern coast to Dukhan Beach on the Western coast of Qatar, with the ultramarathon to take place on December 15, 2023.

In a press conference, QSFA Director of Events and Activities, Chairman of the Organising Committee Abdullah Al Dosari explained that choosing to hold the race in December was made due to it having appropriate weather conditions for participants, allowing them to enjoy beautiful and moderate weather. Al Dosari added that this race is a great opportunity for athletes, running fans, and amateurs over the age of 16.

He explained that registration will be open for a period of three months, with registration, participation instructions, and details on aid stations being available on the QSFA application.

Al Dosari added that participants can join as a team consisting of no more than six contestants or individuals.

The QSFA Director of Events and Activities said that this ultra run is one of many large races and marathons that the federation organizes throughout the year and is set apart from other races by the fact that it extends for a distance of 90 kilometers and includes five aid stations.

The aid stations of the Qatar East to West Ultramarathon are as follows: the starting point is at Sheraton Park, followed by Al Shahaniya, Nasraniya, Al Owaina, and Cuban Hospital aid stations, in addition to the finish line at Dukhan Beach.

Aid stations will provide competitors with water and especial drinks, with medical teams, ambulances, and the police being present to assist competitors when needed.

The ultramarathon will not only be open for professional runners but rather for amateur men and women, provided that participants are medically fit, given that the ultramarathon takes approximately 12 to 16 hours to complete. 

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