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A Citizen of Tajikistan Tried to Smuggle About 5.5 Kg of Gold to India

On September 2, the customs service of Delhi Airport reported on its page on the social network “X” (Twitter): “During a thorough inspection of passengers, customs officers discovered and seized 5488 grams of gold from a Russian citizen and a citizen of Tajikistan who arrived in New Delhi from Dushanbe. Both passengers have been detained and an investigation is ongoing.”

The names of those detained are not reported. Delhi Customs posted a photo of several gold bars under this post on social media ‘X’.

Flights from Dushanbe to Delhi are operated by the Tajik airline Somon Air. It is unknown how the passengers managed to carry a large amount of gold with them.

Recall that in 2021, smuggling of gold and foreign currency was prevented at Dushanbe International Airport. Later, a Dushanbe court sentenced nine defendants in the case to terms ranging from two to five and a half years. Among them were employees of the country’s customs and internal affairs bodies.

The verdict noted that the convicts, in cooperation with citizens of Afghanistan, had been smuggling gold and foreign currency for several years, and also that this group smuggled over 100 million from Afghanistan through the territory of Tajikistan for the period from September 4 to November 14, 2020 dollars and more than 1 ton 376 kg of gold.

Source : ozodi