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A Georgian lesson for Bulgarian patriots

Who do you think won in Georgia – democracy or liberalism? We think of them as two sides of the same coin, but quite often these two ideologies are at war with each other. And when liberalism receives foreign aid, democracy usually loses.

As is known, the ruling party “Georgian Dream” tried to push the same law that “Vazrazhdane” promised in our country – to oblige non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that receive grants from abroad to register as “agents of foreign influence”.

They are like that, but on the other hand, where would Georgia be without foreign influence? Georgians are patriots, they are basically democrats, but they have yet to be re-educated in the spirit of liberal values. Their application for EU membership is under difficult conditions to change. And the supervisors of this change are precisely the foundations. They are like the sacred cows of India.

The law passed the first reading, but then the progressive youth came to the square and the game got rough, the EU waved its finger, the embassies summoned the prime minister and the parliament was forced to fight back. And here’s how liberalism overcome representative democracy.

The protesters are said to have numbered around 20,000. And nearly 1 million voted for the “Georgian Dream” party in the last elections. 1 to 40. So who is stronger – the vote of the people or the voice of the square? Democracy or liberalism?

The experience of the Georgian protests is very instructive for our party “Vazrazhdane”. It is much weaker than “Georgian Dream”, but promises much greater feats. “Dream” has as many as 90 out of a total of 150 deputies, while “Vazrazhdane” had only 27 out of 240 in the last parliament. On April 2, it is expected to bring him to 40 mandates, but even that will be nothing. In order to achieve even 10 percent of its promises, “Vazrazhdane” will need at least a qualified majority plus iron nerves. The second may be there, but forget about the first. A letter from a dead man.

During the entire Bulgarian transition, three times one party had more than 50 percent of the mandates in the parliament. In two of the three cases, the party dismounted prematurely. And there is no question of a qualified majority.

The square will always be stronger than “Revival” because it belongs to foundations, social networks, embassies, students and live around all who live around the yellow cobblestones Back in 1990, the cobblestones overthrew not one, but two Lukanov governments. In 1997, the cobblestones drove out the Videnov government and the entire parliament again. In 2013, they overthrew the first government of Boyko Borissov and closed the parliament shortly before its term ended. But only days later, the wind on the cobblestones turned and they began to shake the Oresharsky government, behind which stood the BSP, the DPS and the golden finger of Siderov. It fell in 2014. Today’s political crisis started again from the square and democracy has been canceled for 2 years now.

This means that even if Mr. Kostadin Kostadinov forms a one-party government, which seems improbable, the square will veto him. As I said, the cobblestone crowd always hasfor an ally the international community and youthful naivety.

It’s like that in Georgia, it’s like that in our country. And the parliament is always alone, unsure of itself and scared. And how can he be confident in his judgment when he was not elected directly by the people, but was appointed by the oligarchy thanks to the party-list electoral system. Such a parliament is always shitty.

In Georgia, the “Georgian Dream” party obviously enjoys popular support, as it won an independent parliamentary majority three times in a row – something unattainable in Bulgaria. She is pro-NATO and pro-European, but a bit restrained and realistic towards Russia. While its opponent – the United National Movement (UNM), founded by the famous Mikheil Saakashvili, is still unabashedly pro-NATO and actively anti-Russian. As we know, in 2009 Saakashvili attacked the Russian positions in North Ossetia, which proved his willingness to sacrifice the country for the sake of values.

True, it ended disastrously for Georgia, and Saakashvili is in prison, but the important thing is that END is the more orthodox and more liberal party. She should have been in power if it weren’t for the Georgians.

But I abstract myself from politics to look at things purely mathematically.

In the 2012 elections, “The Dream” took 48.68 percent of the votes and received 76 percent of the mandates – 115 out of a total of 150. In 2020, with the same percentage of the vote, it took 25 mandates less. The reason is that foundations and outside pressure forced her to change the electoral system to her detriment. In 2016, half of the deputies were elected by majority, and in 2020 – only one fifth. In addition, with proportional voting, the barrier was lowered to 1 percent. As a result, there are now 7 parties in the parliament with less than 4 percent.

Why did “Dream” agree to exchange a horse for a chicken? Because it does not withstand the external pressure and the pressure of the crowd. Brussels and Washington demanded a purely proportional system to hold the Georgian authorities by the ears.

I repeat again, the “Dream” government is also pro-NATO and pro-European, but more moderate, realistic and a little more center-left, while END is militantly anti-Russian and ultra-right. Under Saakashvili, Georgia topped the Doing business ranking, as well as another ranking for the level of corruption.

Corruption is also of two types – patriotic and globalist

Ours is kinder to us, and that is why “The Dream” won majorities in every single-member electoral district, while END failed to win a single majority mandate either in 2016 or in 2020.

The conclusion is obvious – if a party is truly patriotic, it fights for majority elections. Only they can give him the strength to withstand the pressure and fulfill his promises. This is the litmus test for patriotism. If the party pretends to be patriotic, but does not want majority elections in 2 rounds, then it is cheating.

Alas, of the various patriotic groups up to this point, none has passed this test – neither “Attaka”, nor NFSB, nor VMRO, nor now “Vazrazhdane”. None wanted their people as sovereign.

Source: 24chasa.bg