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Commander Says Iran Ready for Joint Air Defense Exercises With Friendly Nations

Brigadier General Alireza Sabahifard made the remarks while addressing a gathering of foreign military attachés on Monday in Tehran. 

Sabahifard went on to say that the Air Defense Force is ready to foster military cooperation with the allies in a variety of areas, including training, the sharing of technological and operational experiences, and organizing joint war games. 

The military official added that the Islamic Republic’s message to the allies and friendly nations is “peace and friendship”.

Sabahifard also said the forces under his command has made Iran’s skies safe for friendly states based on international law.

“The Air Defense Force is tasked with securing Iran’s airspace. By God’s grace and efforts of my colleagues, it has managed to turn the country’s skies into a safe place for friendly countries within the framework of international law and an unsafe place for hostile parties.” 

He added, “Deterrence as the defense doctrine of the Islamic Republic of Iran hinges upon amicable and mutual relations with all countries of the world, especially friendly and neighboring states in West Asia.” 

Additionally, the air defense commander said, the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran opened the door for a shift in the unfair global order and the end of unilateralism.

Also, he said, the formation of Islamic system in Iran presented a severe threat to the interests of superpowers, particularly in the vital West Asia region.

The brigadier general reiterated Iran’s long-held policy that unconventional and weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) have no place in Iran’s military doctrine based on the fatwa (religious decree) of Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei Ayatollah Khamenei, Iran’s religious and political leader, has asserted that producing, stockpiling and use of WMDs, is haram (religiously banned).

Elsewhere in his remarks, Sabahifard said Iran’s Armed Forces, while enjoying full and complete readiness, employ state-of-the-art technology and rely on homegrown capabilities.

The senior general further stated that Iran places a high priority on independence and the use of home-built missiles.

He added, “The ability to react swiftly and forcefully to any hostile action of the enemy constitutes deterrence in the defense strategy of the Air Defense Force.”

Sabahifard further stated that the Air Defense Force has been able to diversify its medium-altitude and long-endurance systems during the last two decades, thanks to collaboration with the Defense Ministry and knowledge-based enterprises.

He said the Air Defense Force, at the front line of countering potential military threats, relies on an integrated command and control network and professionally protects Iran’s skies and monitors air traffic.

The force uses cutting-edge telecommunications technology, builds secure communication systems, and maintains the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of information by establishing data communication links between pertinent systems and equipment, the commander explained.

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