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Dubai Travel Guide 

Dubai is a place that’s brimming with opportunities and adventures. Having a guide will make you feel less overwhelmed.We’ve put together the ultimate Dubai travel guide for you to use when venturing to the United Arab Emirates.

Public transport in Dubai is safe and reliable, with most tourists choosing to travel either by metro or taxi.

The taxis are easy to spot and metered with rates starting as low as 12 AED. There are also a few buses you can take whose prices are like that of the metro.

There are metro stations across Dubai, allowing you to hop off wherever you please.

Finally, there are ferries for as low as 1 AED per trip.

Important Things To Know


The United Arab Emirates Dirham, or AED, is the currency used in Dubai and the surrounding Emirates.

There are seven different AED notes. These are 5 AED, 10 AED, 20 AED, 100 AED, 200 AED, 500 AED, and 1000 AED.

In terms of coins, there are 1, 25, and 50 fils. However, coins are rarely used in Dubai and people prefer to stick to paper money.

Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai

National Language

Modernized Arabic is the official language in Dubai, but there are variations prevalent in the city. These dialects include Gulf Arabic and Khaleeji.

Another commonly known dialect of Arabic in Dubai is Masri. This is Egyptian Arabic.

If you don’t speak Arabic, you won’t need to worry. The locals try to make tourists feel welcome, and many store workers and tour guides speak fluent English.

Climate And Weather

Rain and storms in Dubai are rare. If you go there, chances are that it’ll be the heat that you aren’t used to.

Summer can be sweltering as the cities in Dubai are surrounded by deserts and for some, it may be unbearable. 

The good news is that Dubai has air conditioning in most of its buildings and malls.You can expect high temperatures between 102 and 107 Fahrenheit (39 and 41 Degrees Celsius) during the summer.

This heat continues into the night so you may need to sleep with the AC turned on.

Spring and Winter are the best times to visit. You can expect temperatures between 75 and 90 Fahrenheit (24 and 32 Degrees Celsius) and the nights are chilly but not freezing.

Source : Travel Pulse