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Egypt Advances Towards Financial Decentralization

The Institute of National Planning recently hosted a workshop to discuss a policy paper titled “Local Governance Development in Egypt: A Roadmap towards Financial Decentralization.”

The paper, prepared by a team of experts from the World Bank, was attended by representatives from various ministries, the House of Representatives and Shura Council, international organizations operating in Egypt, the Local Development Program in Upper Egypt, as well as experts and researchers.

During the workshop, Dr. Ashraf Salah Eldin, Vice President of the Institute for Training, Consultation, and Community Service, highlighted that the workshop is part of a series of technical discussions on the policy paper prepared by the World Bank.

The objective is to connect and integrate the perspectives of different government and international entities through the exchange of ideas and discussions, leading to specific and clear recommendations that decision-makers can benefit from.

Dr. Amal Zakaria, Director of the Regional Development Center, emphasized the importance of the policy paper presented for discussion. It was prepared by a group of experts from the World Bank and holds high significance in analyzing the general trends of the Egyptian local administration system, as well as providing comparisons with international experiences.

Source : Egypt Today