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EU, UAE Envoys Discuss Situation of Afghanistan in Brussels

The European Union‘s special envoy for Afghanistan, Tomas Niklasson met with Mohammad Al Sahlawi, the UAE Ambassador in Brussels to discuss the importance of education opportunities in Kabul, according to Khaama Press.

During the meeting, Niklasson emphasised “importance of education opportunities, economic prospects, and participatory governance in Afghanistan“, according to his social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter).

Meanwhile, he expressed the desire to investigate prospects for expanded cooperation that would benefit the Afghan people. The UAE Embassy in Brussels emphasised their close partnership with the EU to produce innovative and long-term solutions that benefit the Afghan people and protect women’s rights.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, during his visit to Turkey, UN Special Rapporteur Richard Bennett met with a number of Afghans, both men and women, to discuss the human rights situation in Afghanistan.

Bennett’s four-day tour to Turkey included encounters with Afghan men and women from all backgrounds, as well as meetings with the Turkish government and UN agencies.

The debates show a diverse approach to addressing Afghanistan‘s difficulties, including education, the economy, government, women’s rights, and human rights. The meetings and collaborations highlight the collaborative efforts of international bodies such as the EU, UAE, and UN to contribute to the development, stability, and rights of the Afghan people, Khaama Press reported.

Notably, with the resurgence of the Taliban in August 2021 in Afghanistan, the country’s educational system has suffered a significant setback. As a result, girls have been deprived of access to education, and seminaries or religious schools have gradually filled the void left by schools and universities. Girls and women in the war-torn country have no access to education, employment and public spaces.

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