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Expats Struggle to Obtain Driving Licenses in Kuwait

One of the biggest challenges that expats face in Kuwait is obtaining a driving license. Expats can only get a driving license if they adhere to a list of rules, including having a university degree, drawing a monthly salary of at least KD 600 and residing in Kuwait for at least two years. The process of obtaining a driving license in Kuwait is expensive and time-consuming. Besides the strict regulations, expats must take driving lessons from a certified driving school, which can be costly, especially since they may need to be tested more than once. Drivers must also pass a series of theoretical and practical tests before being able to apply for a driving license.

Kuwait Times spoke to a number of expats to get a closer look at their struggles in obtaining a Kuwaiti driving license. Abdul Wahab Hossam, 19, who is studying at a university in Kuwait, said he has been trying for a year to obtain a driving license to make his life easier, to no avail. “I have been trying to get a driver’s license through the university, but this facility was suspended for non-Kuwaiti university students. Then I tried to get it through my job, and of course, it is necessary to wait for three months to have a work visa. Still, the requirements are difficult. A salary of KD 600 for a 19-year-old isn’t an option,” he told Kuwait Times.

“Even after graduating and maybe five years later, you will be destined not to have a driving license. There is no alternative, as public transportation in Kuwait is bad,” he pointed out, adding he even looked for a driving job to get the license, but drivers must have a license from their country of origin. “And of course, even if you fulfill all the miraculous requirements, wasta is required to pass the driving test,” Hossam rued.

Another college student said obtaining a Kuwaiti driving license can be frustrating due to the ambiguity and lack of transparency in the regulations and procedures. “Expats who study at university used to be granted a driving license until they graduated, but recently, the rule was changed,” he said.

Source : Kuwait Times