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Face masks no longer needed on public transport in Dubai

The COVID-19 pandemic is finally over and as of Monday November 7, the rules for wearing face masks in Dubai have been updated.

This means you no longer need to wear face masks when travelling on public transport in Dubai.

Previously, people using public transport in Dubai had to wear face masks in order to prevent the spread of the respiratory virus.

As of 6am on Monday November 7, the rules no longer apply. Which is great news for those who use Dubai Metro, the RTA bus service or taxis to get around the city.

The National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA) announced the update to the rules on Sunday November 6. During the announcement, it was also confirmed that the Al Hosn app will no longer be needed to enter public spaces.

The changes in rules surrounding face masks come as hospitals have seen a significant decrease in the number of COVID patients needing intensive care treatment.

A government spokesperson said: “Wearing masks will be optional in all open and closed facilities, including places of worship and mosques, except for health facilities and centres for people of determination, where it will be mandatory.”

If you contract the COVID-19 virus, you will still need to isolate yourself for five days. COVID-19 PCR testing and health facilities will continue to operate in a bid to keep testing rates high.

You may still need to show proof of vaccination for certain events. This is because organising bodies for local and national events will set their own rules.

With the Al Hosn app no longer needed to enter public spaces, the app will be used only to show your vaccine certificate and PCR test results.

Two and a half years after the pandemic started, it has finally come to an end.

Source: Time Out