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Interfaith Leaders Hold Event Calling for Peace in Middle East

HARRISBURG, — Interfaith leaders from across Harrisburg came together Thursday to pray for a peaceful resolution to the conflict in the Middle East. Members of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities gathered at the Hadee Mosque as part of an initiative called Voices For Peace.

This initiative is a chance for people of all faiths to come together and pray, which leaders say is their greatest weapon right now. Leaders at the mosque said they wanted to invite their Jewish and Christian friends and neighbors as well as members of other faith communities to show that the conflict between Israel and Palestine is not about religion or politics.

“We can remove that misunderstanding that there is a religious issue at hand here or a political issue, and this is an issue of simply saving the lives of those innocent civilians that are dying and are facing difficulties there in the Gaza strip in Israel and Palestine,” Hadee Mosque Imam Farhad Rana said.

On Thursday, faith leaders wanted to present a united call for peace and justice and also for a much-needed ceasefire.

“Particularly in light of rising anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, I think it’s so important to show one another that we stand by one another, regardless of what we may think of what’s going on in the Middle East,” Beth El Temple Rabbi Ariana Capptauber said. “It means so much to us to have interfaith connections to stand together in the name of peace.”

Source : ABC27