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Iraq, Egypt Consider Enhancing Cooperation in Urban Development

The Iraqi Ambassador to Egypt, Ahmed Al-Dulaimi, met on Monday with the Egyptian Minister of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities, Assem El-Gazzar, to talk about measures to improve their collaboration in the area of urban development.

The meeting’s main topic was the role played by Egyptian contracting firms in carrying out different projects, particularly hospitals, in Iraq.

El-Gazzar stated that Egypt is eager to impart its knowledge and successful urban experience to the people of Iraq.

“Egyptian construction firms have a lot of expertise in completing high-quality projects quickly,” El-Gazzar said.

The Egyptian Minister indicated that the Ministry of Housing is keeping track of the work being done on urban development projects by several Egyptian businesses in Iraq.

Al-Dulaimi thanked Egypt for its support and stated that Iraq was eager to take advantage of Egypt’s urban development experience.

The Iraqi diplomat added that the Prime Minister of Iraq has given authorization to intensify bilateral cooperation in this area.

Both sides decided to expand their collaboration and make it easier for Egyptian construction companies to take part in infrastructure and urban development projects that meet the needs of the Iraqi people.

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