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Jordan Industrial Sector Seeks Exemption Amid Fuel Price Hike

Engineer Musa Al Saket, a member of the Jordan Chamber of Industry and an economic writer, emphasized the necessity of exempting the industrial sector (the production sector) from the recent hike in oil product prices. These remarks follow a government decision on Thursday, where the price of a liter of gasoline for both Octane 90 and 95 increased by 4 piasters each, and the price of a liter of diesel increased by 8.5 piasters.

He went on to express his hope that productive sectors, especially after a year of updates, would receive exemptions from these increases. He highlighted that during a forum, the Prime Minister had discussed the importance of relieving the energy burden on the industrial sector, Ammon News reported. The fuel prices in September 2023 are the highest they have been in terms of increases over the past nine years.

According to Saket, energy prices and production costs are considered significant challenges that the industrial sector faces, limiting its competitiveness and export capabilities.

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