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Jordanian Tech Firms Look to Forge Partnerships at Seamless Saudi Arabia Conference

Sixteen specialized Jordanian tech firms are participating in the Seamless Saudi Arabia Conference, Jordan News Agency reported.

The conference and exhibition, which covers the latest payments, fintech and retail innovations, began in Riyadh on Monday.

Haitham Rawajbeh, representative of the Jordan Chamber of Commerce’s Information and Communication Technology Division, spoke of the significance of the country’s pavilion, noting that the event will be attended by about 500 global enterprises and 200 tech startups.

Rawajbeh said that the conference provided Jordanian companies with a vital platform for entering new markets and helped in keeping them abreast of developments in communication, IT, digital transitions, and artificial intelligence.

He added that the event would serve as a hub for forming cross-border alliances and attracting financial inflows, bolstering Jordan’s position as a location for digital innovation and scalable digital initiatives.

Rawajbeh emphasized Saudi Arabia’s crucial role as a rising market for Jordan’s ICT sector, noting the outstanding achievements achieved by Jordanian enterprises in the Kingdom.

He expressed optimism that Seamless Saudi Arabia would pave the way for Jordanian firms to cultivate alliances and fuel their success.

The representative noted the ICT sector’s role in supporting multiple regional economies through customized digital solutions, bolstered by firms’ expertise in software creation and digital transition.

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