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Kuwait Airways Hosts the Arab Air Carrier’s Organization Meeting

The event was held in Kuwait in the presence of various experts and specialists in the air transport sector during the period from 5- 6 September 2023.

The meeting discussed the latest mechanisms for digital transformation and artificial intelligence and focused on the methods to develop and improve this aspect in the air transport sector, as well as to follow the most important methods in the Middle East region.

Kuwait Airways chief executive officer, Maen Razouqi, said: “We are pleased to host this important meeting, which is being held in the State of Kuwait. This conference highlights the most important aspects of digital transformation and artificial intelligence solutions, and the methods to use them in accordance with the latest standards for the air transport sector around the world. This will contribute significantly to the development of the aviation sector in general, which will ultimately benefit the travel traffic and valued passengers.”

Razouqi continued: “Kuwait Airways is keen to follow the latest technology and methods used in developing and improving the company’s system, be it in terms of finding smarter digital solutions that facilitate procedures for valued customers, or electronic services that the company has recently launched. Kuwait Airways always strives towards achieving the strategic objectives that it has drawn up until 2030, to keep pace with the best technology in the aviation sector.

“With regard to sustainability, Kuwait Airways recognises the significance of this aspect, and has released its annual sustainability report, highlighting the company’s commitment to the principles of sustainability, transparency, and corporate responsibility towards environment conservation. Kuwait Airways is the first state-owned company to have published a sustainability report showcasing its commitment towards sustainability. The report aims to be a comprehensive outline of the Blue Bird’s efforts in sustainable development and responsible practices in the aviation industry.”

Razouqi concluded by saying: “We hope that this meeting will produce positive results that will benefit passengers and the air traffic, by finding solutions that contribute to creating an appropriate operating framework and to develop this sector as a whole.”

Secretary General of the Arab Air Carrier’s Organization (AACO), Abdul Wahab Teffaha said: “Today’s meeting discussed two main topics, the first being the aviation’s impact on the environment, where we have coordinated and partnered with an international company to develop a platform that gives airlines the ability to manage the additional costs that must be dealt to manage the climate aspects.  This is in addition to educating passengers about the extent of environmental impact and the importance of reducing these effects.”

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