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Kuwait Clearing Company Hosts Women Empowerment Workshop for Staff

Kuwait Clearing Company (Maqasa) recently organized a workshop on women empowerment for its employees and Boursa Kuwait. The workshop’s aim was to promote gender diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. The workshop was moderated by two experts in the field, Maha Al-Baghli and Bodour Al-Sumait, who shared their insights and experiences on how women can thrive in the professional environment.

Maha Al-Baghli, founder and managing Director of Safira Company in Kuwait, was recognized for her leadership and contributions to the business community and corporate social responsibility, and Bedour Al-Sumait, Safira Operation Manager and President of Business and Professional Women in Kuwait, is an accomplished speaker and coach with a focus on leadership and personal development. Together, they have worked with numerous organizations in Kuwait and the GCC region to empower women and promote workplace diversity. “Our people are our biggest asset and they are the key to our success. Hence empowering our female employees and developing our staff lies at the heard of our HR agenda. Women empowerment aligns with our company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals, especially when it comes to achieving gender equality,” said Alex Krunic, CEO of KCC.

KCC’s commitment to cultivating a balanced and inclusive work culture was demonstrated through this initiative. Participants were equipped with a wide range of critical skills, knowledge and tools to empower women to develop their leadership abilities in their respective fields. The workshop covered communication, leadership, sustainability and professional development, providing holistic direction and support for women to excel in their roles. The workshop was successful in providing a supportive and inclusive environment for female staff. They were able to learn from experienced leaders and acquire essential knowledge and tools. KCC’s efforts to promote diversity and gender inclusion demonstrate a commitment to creating a healthy and equitable balance in the workplace.

Source : Kuwait Times