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Kuwait Minister Orders Investigation Into Incident Involving Citizen at Airport

The Ministry of Interior on Thursday ordered an inquiry into an incident concerning a Kuwaiti individual who was subject to procedures conducted by state security personnel at Kuwait International Airport.

According to a local media report, a citizen had posted on X (formerly Twitter) that he was interrogated by state security at Kuwait International Airport after returning from London. According to the Kuwaiti, his phone was confiscated in violation of the law.

First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, Sheikh Talal Khaled Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, has directed an inquiry to investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident.

The investigation aims to shed light on the reasons behind the incident and its potential consequences, with subsequent actions to be determined based on the findings.

Under the Ministry of Interior, the General Administration of Security Media has declared its commitment to maintaining security across all aspects and regions of the country, ensuring strict adherence to the law. One of their primary responsibilities is to oversee security measures at Kuwait International Airport, carried out by a specialized security authority. This authority’s paramount focus is to uphold individuals’ dignity while executing their duties within the bounds of well-established legal and procedural frameworks.

The Ministry of Interior emphasised its unwavering commitment to safeguarding the dignity of both citizens and residents. The authority unequivocally rejects any arbitrary measures taken against them.

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