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Kuwait to Import Domestic Workers From Ethiopia Amid Tensions With the Philippines

Kuwaiti authorities have begun implementing a contingency plan to ensure an adequate supply of domestic workers following the recent tension with the Philippines and the subsequent closure of the Philippine embassy’s illegal shelter.

Khaled Al Dakhnan, head of the Union of Domestic Labor Recruitment Offices in Kuwait, announced that the Kuwaiti union has reached a bilateral agreement with its Ethiopian counterpart to regulate the import of domestic workers from Ethiopia.

Al Dakhnan emphasised that this deal would ensure the provision of well-trained domestic personnel from Ethiopia.

Approximately 600 employment agencies, functioning under the umbrella of the Ethiopian Federation of Domestic Workers, will contribute to supplying workers to Kuwait. This cooperative endeavour comes with the anticipation that a permanent labour agreement between Kuwait and Ethiopia will be formally established in the coming days.

Upon signing, a memorandum encompassing worker training prerequisites will be set into motion.

The Kuwaiti union is set to assess training facilities to confirm the readiness of the incoming workforce. Kuwait’s stipulations include a mandatory training period of no less than three months for each worker.

Al Dakhnan predicts a substantial number of Ethiopian workers will be brought in to meet the demand caused by the halted recruitment from the Philippines.

As for the terms of the recruitment contract, Al Dakhnan assured that the value would align with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s decision and not exceed KD 500. The designated monthly wage is set at KD 90 (approximately USD 300), which is recognised as the highest among neighbouring countries.

Source : Gulf News