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Kuwait-US Boost Cooperation to Enhance Cybersecurity

Following his recent meeting with the Head of the National Center for Cybersecurity Major General Eng. Mohamed Bouarki and their discussion regarding ways to enhance joint cooperation in the field of cybersecurity in the future, the Charge d’Affaires of the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait James Holtsnider said, “The United States and Kuwait are strategic allies that enjoy close cooperation in many areas”, reports Aljarida daily. He affirmed that the US embassy in Kuwait is looking forward to linking American cybersecurity experts with the National Center for Cybersecurity in Kuwait to create a strong foundation for future cooperation.

In an exclusive press statement, Holtsnider said, “The United States and Kuwait look forward to working closely together to develop cybersecurity infrastructure and protect Kuwait’s critical infrastructure, military and government facilities, and communications networks from potential threats.

On March 2, President Joe Biden’s administration issued its National Cybersecurity Strategy to achieve the full benefits of a secure digital ecosystem for all Americans. This National Cybersecurity Strategy calls for two fundamental shifts – rebalancing responsibility for the cyber defense electronically, and reorganizing incentives in favor of long-term investments. The United States’ commitment to international partnerships on cyber issues remains strong. The National Cybersecurity Strategy emphasizes working with our allies and partners to build a defensible, resilient, and value-compliant digital ecosystem.”

Regarding his assessment of the level of cybersecurity in Kuwait, and how this matter helps protect government and private institutions, Holtsnider said, “Cybersecurity is important for all countries. For example, in the United States, we face the daily threat of cyberattacks from malicious actors on our critical infrastructure, communications networks and government facilities and the military. We are facing a complex environment, as governmental and non-governmental actors are developing and implementing new campaigns to threaten the national interests of our country. Cyber attacks are a global phenomenon, and Kuwait faces the same threats that the United States faces.

Source : Zawya