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Ozodi: Tajik Suspected of Kidnapping and Murder of Banker Dies in Jail

Tajik Akbar Akhmedov, suspected of kidnapping and murdering the deputy head of the Orienbank, Shukhrat Ismatulloev, died in a pre-trial detention center. This is reported by “Ozodi” with reference to its own sources. 

According to the publication, the policemen handed over the body of the Tajik citizen to relatives on August 30. At the same time, the corpse was delivered in a wooden coffin, and the family of the suspect was forbidden to look at him and tell others about what had happened. 

Sources in law enforcement agencies told Ozodi that Akhmedov was “cruelly tortured” during interrogations, which was the cause of death.

The Tajik citizen was arrested in mid-August of this year, and he voluntarily came to the security forces. According to sources, Akhmedov was on the run in Moscow, but police detained his mother, after which the suspect had to surrender. The Tajikistani left six children. 

Akbar Akhmedov was suspected of kidnapping and killing Shukhrat Ismatulloev, deputy chairman of Orienbank, as part of a group of ten people at the end of June. 

According to investigators, members of the organized crime group forcibly took a banker from Dushanbe who was near his house, after which they tortured him to death and threw his body into the river. On August 7, law enforcement officers detained five suspects in this case, the rest managed to escape abroad. 

This is not the first time that torture by security forces has been reported in Tajikistan. So, in early August of this year, the Khatlon Regional Court sentenced three former policemen to 14 years in prison for beating to death a 37-year-old Tajik man who was detained on suspicion of selling hashish.

Source : mediazona