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Palestinian Groups Ask Brazil to Denounce Israeli Apartheid

A delegation from the Front in Defence of the Palestinian People met with officials from the Brazilian Presidency’s Communications Office (Secom) in Brasilia on Monday to highlight the grave situation lived by the Palestinian people under occupation and ask Luis Inacio Lula da Silva’s administration to recognise and denounce Israel’s apartheid policies.

The delegation asked “the new government to take the lead in Latin American and the Global South in recognising the regime imposed by Israel over the Palestinian people as apartheid in the UN General Assembly and Security Council.”

Ricardo Zamora, Secom’s executive officer, and Marcelo Cafrune, chief of staff, welcomed the delegation which included members of the Latin-Palestinian Forum (Sao Paulo) and the Palestinian Society (Brasilia).

“During the first two months of 2023 alone, Israeli forces murdered over 60 Palestinians in the occupied territories. A one-day assault on Nablus on 22 February left 11 dead and a hundred wounded. Settlers also set dozens of houses and vehicles on fire, and killed a religious leader in Huwara, in the same region,” a letter delivered to the president’s team said.

They also called on Lula’s administration to intervene to release 36-year-old Islam Hamed, a Palestinian-Brazilian citizen who has been in Israeli jails since he was a teenager.

Source : Middle East Monitor