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Potato production falls in Tajikistan

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Compared to last year, production and yield of potatoes have decreased in Tajikistan.

This year, all categories of farms have planted potatoes on an area of about 32,000 hectares, which is 8,000 hectares fewer than last year. 

An official source within the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) says they have harvested 358,457 tons of potatoes from 17,224 hectares by September 27, which is 53.5 percent of sowing.

Compared to last year, the potato yield has decreased by 1.9 tons – from 22.7 tons to 20.8 tons from 1 hectare.  

An average price for one kilogram of potatoes has increased from 4.00 somonis in September last year to 5.00 somonis, the source added.  

Current potato per capita consumption in Tajikistan is reportedly 130 kilograms.   

At this rate, Tajikistan’s annual requirements in potatoes reach 1.3 million tons.   

Meanwhile, the most fruitful potato production years were the years of 2013, 2020 and 2021, when Tajik farmers were producing more than 1 million tons of potatoes yearly.  

This year, Tajikistan also plans to produce more than 1 million tons of potatoes, but will it produce? 

Source : Asia Plus