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Qatar Travel Guide 

Qatar is a vibrant and rapidly-developing country with a spectacular mix of traditional and modern places to see. You can find everything in Qatar, from good food and historical attractions to beautiful beaches and traditional markets. Find out everything you need to know about Qatar in this travel guide.

Qatar’s transport network is reliable, safe, and affordable.

A taxi is the most common mode of transport and allows for short and far-distance trips. Uber is also available if you want a more private trip.

The Mowasalat bus transport service is also available across Qatar. All the buses are air-conditioned with trips starting as low as 3 Riyals.

Other modes of transport include a Metro and tram service. These are the newer modes of transport and Qatar is looking to expand its railways.

Important Things To Know


The Qatari Riyal, or QAR, is the national currency used in Qatar. 

A single Qatari Riyal is divided into 100 Dirhams.

The Qatari Riyal is pegged to the US Dollar at a fixed exchange rate making it a strong currency.

National Languages

Arabic is the national language used in Qatar and has two dialects. These are Qatari Arabic and the Gulf Arabic used by the locals. 

There’s also Qatari sign language for those who have a loss of hearing.

We also found that English is spoken for the benefit of conducting business and tourism.

Other languages spoken in Qatar include Farsi, Urdu, Malayalam, and Balochi.

Qatar Skyline

Climate And Weather

Qatar is known for having a somewhat desert climate. This means you can expect long summers with dry heat.

During the summer, Qatar can experience scorching temperatures above 113°F (45°C).

Wintertime is more welcoming to those who aren’t used to the heat, with temperatures dropping below 41°F (5°C). 

Rainfall isn’t uncommon either with the northern parts of the country having around 30% more rain than the south side.

Source : Travel Pulse