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Review: Mariam Café, a Hidden Gem in North Jeddah, is a Treat for the Senses

Jeddah’s Mariam Cafe is owned by Badr Khashogji, who converted a portion of his home into the business, which he named after his eldest daughter, Mariam.

Located in the Muhammadiyah district, a busy area with many cafes and restaurants, Mariam Cafe has set a new standard for local establishments.

The cafe is regarded as one of Jeddah’s hidden beauties. Even the building itself is a work of visual art.

The decor of the establishment is interesting as there are many things to look at, including a book corner and spots of music tapes and CDs, where many Saudi artists hang their paintings.

For those who prefer to sit outside to enjoy the fresh air, Mariam Cafe offers both indoor and outdoor spaces. Those who prefer to work on their laptops inside can listen to music that has been specifically selected to complement the surrounding environment.

There are many seating options for those who prefer to sit at the bar or for those who plan to stay for a while.

The cafe offers a broad range of sweets as well as coffees like andalusia, macchiato and espresso varieties.

Visitors can enjoy taking pictures inside the cafe, as it is decorated with art and statues. Pictures can also be taken for special photoshoots.

Though not very large, the cafe attracts a lot of visitors and notable guests who later share their experiences on social media.

Given that Mariam Cafe’s most expensive coffee costs SR18 ($8.80), the prices are lower than average.

The site lacks toilets, which can be a disadvantage for people who travel to the cafe from outside the neighborhood.

Due to the overwhelming demand for its coffee, Mariam Cafe has started online delivery at www.qahwatmariam.com. 

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