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Saudi Arabia to Take Part in Paris Gastronomy Festival

Saudi Arabia’s Culinary Arts Commission is taking part in the sixth International Gastronomy Village in Paris from Sept. 7-10.

Through the event, the commission aims to enhance the global presence of Saudi chefs and dishes, as well as showcase the cultural diversity of Saudi culinary arts.

At the base of the Eiffel Tower, the Kingdom will allocate four zones. These zones will include a store platform where famous Saudi food products, including dates, kulija, molasses and more will be displayed and sold.

Additionally, the Saudi pavilion will have a live cooking platform where local dishes from the Kingdom, such as mutabbaq, luqaimat, mandi, qasran and jarish, will be prepared.

A dedicated area for serving mocktail drinks inspired by traditional Saudi ingredients will also be arranged. Furthermore, there will be an area designated for serving Saudi coffee and dates.

The event will provide an opportunity to introduce attendees to generous Saudi hospitality and the diverse range of foods and drinks from the Kingdom.

This will be the Kingdom’s second involvement in the festival.

The Saudi involvement reflects the Ministry of Culture’s commitment to promoting international exchange as part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, and aligns with its strategic goal to develop Saudi arts and culture.

The International Gastronomy Village is an annual festival celebrating culinary arts and food culture from around the world. It aims to showcase diverse products and provide unique experiences that promote awareness of international culinary cultures.

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