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Saudi Streamer Meshael MR Advises Female Gamers to Show ‘Passion’

DUBAI: Meshael MR, who is one of Saudi Arabia’s leading female video game streamers, has had to challenge stereotypes to climb to the top rung of a hitherto male-dominated ladder.

Meshael, speaking to Arab News, said: “If I did something and succeeded — even if I was dedicated to my work and worked hard for it — I would hear the phrase, ‘The only reason you succeeded is because you’re a girl.’”

However, over the years, things have changed for the better in the industry.

Meshael, who now has more than 160,000 followers on Twitch, added: “In the last two years, the view has changed very much, and there have been many other girls doing well in this industry.

“There are now official competitive electronic gaming teams for girls that participate in worldwide and regional championships and events, and they’ve managed to accomplish so much in so little time.”

Meshael says she likes to keep her work simple and not overthink the process.

“Most of the time I just jump on the stream and let the chat decide what they want me to do,” she said.

“Sometimes there will be a specific game that is trending, or maybe a new game has just been released, depending on what people want during this period.

“I am broadcasting daily now due to the large number of jobs. I broadcast whenever I have the time to connect and spend time with my audience.”

Meshael recently starred in the Women’s Day MAC Cosmetics campaign, alongside three other creatives from Saudi Arabia.

She said in a statement at the time: “I have had to stand out in an industry that was heavily male dominated in the region and express my personal views and opinions without any boundaries, which allowed me to build a strong relationship with my female followers.

“Being part of this campaign represents a moment for me in which I can reply to every single person who told me I couldn’t make it. I hope to inspire other girls and women to similarly follow their dreams.”

Meshael adopts the “don’t think, just do” philosophy when it comes to advising young women who want to become full-time streamers.

She added: “It will be a tough beginning, but it will definitely help you to be more persistent when it comes to achieving your dreams.

“The most important thing is that you do something with passion and love. And in the end, you will reach what you wish for and more if you let passion lead you.”

Source : Arab News