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Serbia calls for resignation of minister who advocated imposing sanctions against Russia

The Serbian Socialist Movement party, which is led by Alexander Vulin, director of the intelligence agency for security and information, has demanded the resignation of Economy Minister Rade Basta after he called for sanctions against Russia. The statement was published on the party’s website.

“Now that we need unity, Basta is demanding that the Serbian government be publicly divided on the issue of its commitment to joining the illegal sanctions against the Russian Federation,” the Movement of Socialists claims.

The party believes Basta is “hiding behind” Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic to undermine the independence and neutrality of the country. “We expect Basta to resign,” the statement said.

The day before, March 13, Rade Basta wrote on his Instagram page (owned by Meta*) that Serbia is paying a heavy price for refusing to impose sanctions against Russia. Basta noted that, as economy minister, he “cannot accept the pressure” on Vučić.

“I am for the imposition of sanctions against Russia, I support President Vucic in protecting state and national interests and fully trust him,” the official said, calling on all members of the government “to make a statement on this issue.”

In May 2022, Vučić stated that the Serbian authorities would resist the imposition of anti-Russian sanctions for as long as they could. “We tolerate a lot without imposing sanctions against the Russian Federation, but we do this because we are an independent country,” he explained. In February 2023, the Serbian leader admitted that his country would have to impose sanctions restrictions on Russia.

At the same time, Vučić has repeatedly stressed that Belgrade does not support the Russian military operation and is in favor of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. “For us, Crimea is Ukraine, Donbass is Ukraine, and this will remain so,” the head of state said in January 2023.

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