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Special Report : Renowned philanthropist seals joint venture agreement with UAE potential investors

A renowned Gambian musician, social activist, philanthropist and entrepreneur, Modou Lamin Bah, popularly known as Egalitarian, chairman of Real Time Investment Company Ltd, on 14 February 2024 signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with S.M. Ali, chairman of AXX Investment LLC, a potential UAE investor.

he signing ceremony was held in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and attended by both parties under the management of the two companies.

Objective and Purpose othe joint venture:

The objective and purpose of the joint venture is to contribute to the development of The Gambia. The joint venture agreement will operate under the name “Nation Development Organization” with the primary focus to engage in various initiatives that aim at fostering economic growth, and social, sustainable and infrastructural development in The Gambia.

Duties and Responsibilities opartners:

Following the successful signing ceremony of both parties, Mr Bah said AXX Investment LLC shall be responsible for providing financial resources, strategic guidance, and managerial expertise to ensure the successful establishment and operation of the Nation Development Organization.

Mr Bah said Real Time Investment Company Ltd shall be responsible for establishing and operating the organisation’s office in Dubai, the UAE. He added that he (Mr Bah) would contribute his expertise in project management, local knowledge and networking to advance the joint venture’s objectives.

As a successful entrepreneur with wider networks, Mr Bah prefers to establish an office in Dubai, the UAE, which shall serve as the regional headquarters for the Nation Development Organization.

The office will be equipped with necessary facilities and staffed with qualified personnel to carry out the organization’s activities effectively.

Mr Bah emphasised areas of financial investment and funding opportunities for the National Development Organization.

“AXX Investment will create the funding and make the investment to the joint venture based on an agreed-upon financial plan,” Mr Bah said, adding that he would secure additional funding through grants, partnerships and other sources of funding initiatives to support identified projects in The Gambia.

Project Priorities:

The joint venture agreement aims to prioritise and focus on diverse initiatives such as infrastructural development, agriculture, technology, energy, financial and education programs, healthcare initiatives, and sustainable economic projects.

By strategically addressing these sectors, the joint venture aims to contribute significantly to the holistic development of The Gambia, particularly by enhancing the quality of life of its citizens and creating a lasting positive impact on the nation’s socioeconomic landscape.

About AXX Investment LLC:

AXX Investment LLC is a world-class business gateway in Dubai, the UAE. It is an autonomous body that ventures in various economic development initiatives.

Its social economic projects have created a wider network for various stakeholders globally. They offer financial consultancy services, participate in economic and business forums and create partnership development projects.

The company has been in existence for more than a decade and has a wider exposure to the finance world.

AXX Investment (Project Financing):

The company focuses on financing of long-term infrastructure, industrial projects and public services based upon a non-recourse or limited recourse financial structure. The projects’ debt and equity are used to finance and pay back from the cash flow generated by the projects.

Its financial development initiatives include long-term infrastructure financing, industrial projects financing, public services financing, real estate development projects, energy sector development projects, and technology resource financing.

About Mr S.M. Ali, Chairman of AXX Investment:

Mr Ali is a prominent and reliable potential investor residing in Dubai, the UAE. Presently he assumes his responsibilities as the Chairman of the AXX Investment.

He is an esteemed protagonist and a highly respectable intellectual. Mr Ali has been a constant identity and a beacon of hope to many investors.

His magnitude, manners and discipline have earned him a wider connection in the global business industry.

He is known to be very influential in economic policy-making with a remarkable three decades of familiarity and exposure to the finance world.

He attributes and has registered a series of achievements and development in various sectors and the wider world.

He has been a key figure, designing the venture capital platform within India and across the globe.

About Mr Modou Lamin Bah:

He is the founder and chairman of Real Time Investment Company Ltd. His contribution to society, humanity, youth matters and women empowerment is exemplary.

Mr Bah, prominently known in the sub-region as Egalitarian, was born in The Gambia. He is one of the top-notch prominent musicians in the region whose artwork has contributed to changing the lives of many.  He applies his creative art (Music) in order to amplify his voice in promoting global unity and peace.

He has won a series of both national and international awards which has earned him global recognition among prominent public figures and world leaders.

Two decades ago, he used music to promote child education, the vulnerable class and the orphanage society by using gate tickets as a form of revenue to raise self-help projects for children with special needs.

Mr Bah continues to stretch his effort and commitment in various sectors, and most recently his investment in the investment industry gained him a global network with successful and prominent business tycoons and other prominent figures in the globe.

Mr Bah is the founder of the Egalitarian Foundation, a charity body that supports youth that have future potential. He is a financial incubator with the support of his partners.

Mr Bah has initiated a sponsorship education program named “Educate Your Neighbor” that is currently supporting children with special needs, school dropouts and youth in general.

The foundation is currently running a sponsorship program for 100 participants on an IT program and also supporting the ill with their medical bills.

He also has a keen interest in promoting diverse cultural values as well as promoting sports education and development within youth football academies.

Source: The Point