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Stuckey’s CEO Inspires at AU Luncheon Series

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Augusta University hosted their CEO lunch series on Wednesday, featuring the CEO of a national- and local- tradition since 1937. 

We spoke with Stephanie Stuckey about her journey. 

Stephanie took over Stuckey’s in 2019 when it was six figures in debt. When asked why she wanted to take over the company, she said it’s because she loves her grandfather. 

“It’s particularly gratifying because I’m reviving a family company,” said Stuckey. “And, so, it’s not just for the Stuckey family, it’s for all families out there who are struggling with their family business, or if they’ve lost their family business and they want to get it back. I want to say ‘you can do it’, ‘it’s possible’.”

Known for its famous pecan log roll, Stuckey’s was the first roadside retail shop of its kind. 

Stephanie says the words “Every traveler is a friend” has always been the foundation of the family business’ mission.

“We were never segregated,” said Stuckey. “And we were in the movie The Green Book. And if you’ve seen the movie, there’s a scene at a Stuckey’s for the very reason. I think that’s a really important part of our history that I want to stress and share with people. That we continue to be a welcoming, inclusive company where everyone is welcome.”

A new Stuckey’s location just opened on Main Street in Wrens. 

Stephanie tells us that being in the number one state for pecan production is special for a company known for delicious pecan treats.

She says that, in continuing her family’s legacy, she wants to remind all entrepreneurs that they are not alone.

“We closed out last year over 13 million in sales,” said Stuckey. “And we are profiting. There’s a whole community out there supporting entrepreneurs. Another takeaway is don’t be afraid to pivot, embrace change and, then- the most important thing is- have a sense of purpose. If you are a purpose-driven company, you will last through the hard times because you are doing it about something more than just making a profit…it’s about building a community and having an emotional connection with the brand.” 

Stuckey tells us she is delighted to now be in Jefferson County and looks forward to creating pathways to prosperity for the community through her family legacy.

Source: WJBF News