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The Commander of the 58th Army of the Russian Federation Announced His Removal From Office

There is a new scandal in the Russian army directed against the Chief of the General Staff, General Valery Gerasimov.

State Duma deputy Gurulev published an appeal from Major General Ivan Popov, who was recently removed from command of the 58th Combined Arms Army of the Russian Armed Forces. She is now fighting in the Zaporozhye direction.

Popov claims he was suspended “for the truth.” According to him, he reported to the command about the poor organization of counter-battery combat, the absence of artillery reconnaissance stations and losses among personnel.

“In this regard, the senior commanders, apparently, felt the danger in me and concocted an order in one day, the Minister of Defense signed it and got rid of me. from the rear is our senior boss,” Popov said.

Note that a number of telegram channels reported about this event even earlier. According to them, Popov submitted a report to Gerasimov on the need to rotate the units of the Russian army. To which the chief of the general staff accused him of alarmism. After that, Popov threatened to turn directly to Putin, after which he was removed.

As you can see, the internecine struggle in the Russian army with the aim of “bringing down” Gerasimov did not stop even after the failure of the rebellion by Prigozhin (who called the resignation of Gerasimov and Shoigu his main goal), as well as after the disappearance of General Surovikin, who was considered Gerasimov’s main competitor.

It is also noteworthy that the Popov scandal is now being actively dispersed by the same network of Telegram channels that previously supported Prigozhin.

It can also be recalled that recently Western media published a rumor about the resignation of Gerasimov from the post of commander of Russian troops in Ukraine and his replacement with General Teplinsky. But he was not confirmed.

A native of the Donetsk region, Mikhail Teplinskiy is considered one of the most capable Russian military leaders. In the past, the public wrote about his conflict with Gerasimov, but since March  Teplinskiy returned to the front , where  Putin met with him .

Also, Russian Telegram channels wrote that Teplinskiy called Yevgeny Prigozhin’s rebellion “treacherous” and called on the “Wagnerites” who did not support him to go serve in the Russian Airborne Forces.

As for the current scandal, the key point is how Putin will react to it.

In any case, it is obvious that the constant public disassembly in the Russian army clearly does not contribute to increasing its combat capability and morale.

Source : CTPAHA