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Three Arab Celebrities are Featured in the Messika Ramadan Campaign

The Maison pays tribute to the women of the Middle East as part of its celebration of the spirit of Ramadan, strengthening Messika’s unbreakable connection to the region, which continues to have particular significance for Valérie Messika and her family. Three independent Arab women, each from a different background and personality, all of whom are role models in their own right, each take a moment to examine herself, considering the path that has led her to this point in time.

The three celebrities are Mariam Al-Remeithi, the first and youngest Emirati theatrical costume designer and abaya designer, Laila Abdallah, a Lebanese actress located in Kuwait, and Yara Alhogbani, the only Saudi tennis player participating on the world stage.

Al-Remaithi, a famous fashion designer who has been creating clothes since she was a young girl, remarked: “Ramadan has always been a source of inspiration for me. By tuning into my spiritual self, I am able to recalibrate my creative vision and goals.

“There is a sense of serenity and demure elegance that is unique to Ramadan, which I tend to channel into my designs,” she added.

Abdallah said: “Ramadan is a time to rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit. It is a special month that brings peace to my soul, allowing me the opportunity to self-reflect and create invaluable memories with loved ones.”

In a statement, 18-year-old Alhogbani said, “A large part of Ramadan is about introspection and committing oneself to growth and lasting change.” She added, “I make sure to take the time to distance myself from distractions so that I’m able to see where I can personally improve to better the journey that I’m currently on.”

The three women appeared in the advertising photos wearing jewelry with Ramadan themes, such as multi-layered necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, while they posed for shots together. 

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