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Top Things to Do in Qatar

Qatar is a fascinating location renowned for its vibrant culture, cutting-edge buildings, and breathtaking natural scenery. 

Visitors can enjoy a variety of traditional and modern sites and activities, including museums, souqs, desert safaris, and water sports, from Doha’s soaring skyscrapers to the Persian Gulf’s calm beaches.

Out of our favorites, we’ve compiled a list of the 8 top things to do in Qatar.

Shop in the Souq Waqif

Doha’s Souq Waqif is a bustling market that’s been rebuilt and modernized for today’s generation. We found everything from fabrics to spices, and souvenirs to household goods here.       

We also love the wide variety of local food vendors in the Souq Waqif makes picking lunch and dinner interesting. 

Visit the Museum of Islamic Art

If you appreciate art and culture, Qatar’s the right place for you. It holds the world record for the biggest collection of Islamic Art, dating as far back as the 7th century.

We recommend grabbing a meal on the top floor of the museum, overlooking Doha.

The Katara Cultural Village

This village was a cultural attraction to showcase the wealth of Qatar. The village is made up of mazes of artistic passages and waterways, making it a wonderful place to explore. 

There are several buildings and gardens inside the village, ranging from theaters to restaurants. We recommend heading to the amphitheater where performers will showcase their talents over weekends and during the festive season.

Walk Across the Corniche

The Doha Corniche is a promenade stretching 7 km in length.

We had a spectacular time flying a kite across The Corniche. These kites are sold across the walkway so don’t worry if the first vendor is sold out.

The Corniche is also home to the Pearl, a giant statue symbolizing a rich history in Qatar and one that we believe will leave you in awe.

ATV Desert Rides

We believe riding an ATV is the best way to experience Qatar’s sandy dunes. It’s exhilarating and perfect if you’re in a group.

There are various luxurious Arabian tents and villages in the desert that are specifically for tourists. Your ATVs are secured, parked, and fueled so you’ll be ready for the day ahead.

Dune bashing is also an exciting way to traverse the desert. A group of 4x4s drive at high speeds over the dunes. If you love rollercoasters as much as we do, you’ll love this.

Shop at the Villagio Mall

The Villagio Mall was opened in 2015 and remains one of the most impressive attractions in Qatar. It has more than 500 stores and was designed by architects from India.

We love the design of the mall as it’s shaped like an amphitheater, creating a very spacious interior. There’s also a great variety of restaurants and fast food chains in the food court, spoiling you for choice.

Take a Ferry to Banana Island 

We know that Banana Island sounds inviting from the name alone, but there’s so much more to experience on this beautiful piece of land.

You’ll need to take a ferry to get to Banana Island and this takes around 25 minutes. 

The island is a resort that’s home to a variety of water sports and indoor activities such as arcades, bowling, and a movie theater. There are endless activities to do here so you’ll need more than a single visit to do it all!

Al Zubarah Fort

We recommend visiting Al Zubarah Fort as the final thing on our list of activities and sites to see in Qatar. It’s a world heritage site and one of the oldest forts still standing in Qatar.

It was built to protect a trade route along the Persian Gulf in the 1700s and we believe it’s a sight to behold. 

There are active towns surrounding the fort too, and we found that the locals are always happy to see visitors.

Take a Trip to Qatar

Qatar is home to breathtaking adventures waiting to be experienced.

Use this list as a starting point on what you should do first in Qatar. We know you’ll have an unforgettable time discovering all of the wonderful places and attractions this country has to offer. 

Source : Travel Pulse