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Two imprisoned for stealing a donation box containing Dhs97 in Dubai

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced two Asians to three months in prison to be followed by deportation on the charge of stealing a donation box containing Dhs97.

The Court also fined the convicts Dhs97. The convicts had been arrested red handed before the theft was reported to the police. 

This was in August, when a person received a phone call after midnight from his brother, who works a security guard, informing him that he monitored two persons intending to steal something near his workplace in Al Qusais area.

The guard’s brother headed immediately to that location, where he found two men near the site where his brother works, and asked them about the reason for being in the place. One of them insulted him and then the both moved from the place.

But the man returned to his brother in the under construction site and waited to watch the convicts to see what they were intending to do.

 After a while, he saw the two persons stealing a donation box belonging to a charitable organisation and fled. He tried to follow them, but they disappeared.

While touring the area, he saw a police patrol and walked to report the theft, but he was surprised by seeing those who stole the donation box already nabbed few minutes before the report.

Source: Gulftoday