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US Restates Support for Peaceful Middle East on Third Anniversary of Abraham Accords

The US “remains steadfast in its support for a more peaceful, secure and prosperous Middle East” as the historic Abraham Accords mark their third anniversary on Friday.

The landmark agreementsestablished relations between Israel and a number of Arab countries.

The UAE and Bahrain signed the accords, brokered by the US, in September 2020 to establish formal ties with Israel.

Sudan and Morocco followed suit and talks are continuing with Saudi Arabia.

“Normalisation between our allies in the region has been transformational for Israel, the UAE, Bahrain and Morocco,” the US State Department said.

“On this anniversary, we recommit ourselves to the goal of expanding and deepening opportunities for integration represented by the accords.”

The department said subsequent partnerships such as the Negev Forum and the I2U2 partnership of India, Israel, the UAE and the US strengthened shared capabilities and fostered the collaboration necessary to meet today’s challenges and opportunities.

All eyes are now on Saudi Arabia to see whether it will forge its own agreement to establish relations with a country it has never formally recognised.

There are indications Riyadh may be open to an agreement with Israel, but it has long maintained that it will not establish formal ties until Israel makes progress in attaining peace with Palestinians and embracing a two-state solution along pre-1967 lines.

The accords have ushered in an unprecedented era of co-operation between Israel and parts of the Arab world.

US President Joe Biden’s administration was initially tepid in its public praise of the Abraham Accords, a signature achievement of the Donald Trump era.

However, it soon embraced the agreements and sought to build on them by including other countries.

Source : The National News