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Kuwait’s Ambassador to US Stresses Lasting Bond Between Two Countries

Kuwait’s Ambassador to the US Sheikha Al-Zain Al-Sabah stressed on Monday the “lasting bond of friendship and loyalty” between Kuwait and the US as the nation marks National Memorial Day. “It is a pleasure to be given the opportunity to represent my country, the State of Kuwait, in a ceremony to honor the sacrifices of the United States armed forces,” Sheikha Al-Zain said in remarks at the National Memorial Day Parade.

“I stand before you today, representing the good people of my nation and reaffirming that we will never forget the human stories of service and sacrifice as exemplified by the brave men and women of the US armed forces on or off the battlefields. Trust that we cherish and hold dear the strong and lasting bond of friendship and loyalty between our two nations. It is a bond forged by war, strengthened by peace and further cultivated by mutual trust and respect,” she added.

Furthermore, Sheikha Al-Zain mentioned the soon to be constructed Operation Desert Storm and Desert Shield Memorial. “A special memorial is getting ready to be constructed in the heart of the US capital, Washington, to further commemorate the efforts of our American heroes,” which is scheduled to be unveiled in 2025, she said. Kuwait participated in the parade, which is the largest Memorial Day event in the nation, with a float that passed on Constitution Avenue to convey deep appreciation for those who served and those who fell in the fight to liberate the country.

Source : Kuwait Times