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Tourism needs 60,000 workers, a local seasonal worker is never difficult to find

Employers in tourism never started looking for seasonal workers earlier, they offer never better conditions, and the epilogue of emigration and long-term underpayment of tourist workers is that there will never be more foreigners taking care of guests on the Adriatic this summer, writes Večernji list on Tuesday.

Last year, more than 95,000 foreign workers were employed in Croatia until September alone, approximately one third of them in tourism, and this year these numbers can only be higher. A very good season is expected, more guests than last year, so even last year’s 52,000 season tickets will not be enough.

Tourism settled last year with 20,000 domestic and 32,000 foreign season visitors. This year, however, according to estimates by the Croatian Tourism Association, 57,000 to 60,000 seasonal workers will be needed.

For well-known reasons, it will be difficult to find them inside the country any more than last year, so import remains the only option for many. A new market for us is Bulgaria, whose people have already worked in Greece, Spain, Cyprus, but Croatia is closer to them and they understand our language.

Ex-EU countries are still sought for workers, but more and more workers are arriving from Asian countries, especially from India. It is more difficult to get workers from Serbia because they go to Austria, Germany, Sweden, even Canada, writes Večernji list journalist Radmila Kovačević.

Source : tportal.hr